May 24

Farewell to this years goals

My goals for this school year were to get better at blog posts and essays, get my grades up and to get better in specifically science. At the beginning of this year I made a future me email talking about my goals for the rest of my year as an 8th grader. I feel that I met my goal of getting better at blog posts, my grades did get better after the first 9 weeks.

At the beginning of the year I was scared of what my 8th grade year had to come. I’m sure you are feeling at least a little bit of the same way. Now that I am at the end of the 8th grade I realize that there was no need to be scared at the beginning. Some advice for you as an upcoming 8th grader is to not overthink things. At the beginning of this year I was overthinking everything bad that could possibly happen this year, most of the things I thought about never happened. I know that many people say to try your hardest but it’s true, you won’t succeed unless you put in maximum effort.

May 2

Spreading the word of charity

Many people know about charities that help people who have been through crises  but have you heard details of specific ones. The International Rescue Committee is a charity run by David Miliband that helps people who have been through crisis start businesses, get homes and just get them on with their lives.

The IRC helps many people including refugees. They help people get a better life after crises. This charity helps adults, children, households and businesses. They help people in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, Middle east, and the United States. They help them start businesses to raise money, get homes to live in and recover from the hard time in their life.Image result for international rescue committee

The IRC is constantly looking for areas and people to help. Their ongoing project is looking for videos and news for humanitarian crises to help anyone who was involved. They are currently working on helping Greece which has approximately 50,000 refugees. They help these refugees know their rights and provide them with job training. They also give refugees psychosocial support to help their social skill in their new home.

People who want to help can help by donating any amount they can to help the IRC get these people to a safe point in their lives. This money contributes to getting supplies to help anyone in need. You can donate any amount of money you want by going to the IRC’s donation page.

The IRC helps many people get on with their lives after a bad situation. They help people get homes, start businesses to raise money and just help them move on and get a better life. They help people in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Middle east and the United States.

The IRC’s president’s parents are both refugees so he has a personal reason to be involved with this charity. Find out more about President David Miliband on the IRC website in the Who are we tab.


February 12

Problem and Solution

Sometimes when something goes wrong in life you need an escape to be able to deal with the problem.  Even if the problem isn’t solvable in an instant and you need to be able to get away from the problem, even just for a little bit you can escape to a fantasy world, imagine yourself out of the situation or how it would be easier after you solve the issue and you can always try to deal with the problem head on and just solve it as soon as possible. Sometimes you have a problem you can’t deal with and you need an escape or you just need to quickly deal with it right away and get it done and over with.

When you are having an issue in reality you may need an escape from that problem, an example of an escape is that you can escape to a fantasy world . This can help you with your problem because this can help you get your mind off of the problem you are facing and if you can get your mind off of the issue at hand for at least a few minutes it may be easier to deal with. A fantasy world can be a happy place with a family member, a friend, a pet and maybe just be you in your dream vacation spot or favorite vacation spot. There is other ways you can be able to use your imagination and help yourself get out of the bad situation you may be in, in life.

Another example of escaping from a situation is imagining yourself out of that situation. When you are imagining yourself out of the situation  you can imagine yourself at home relaxing and not have to deal with work, school, family issues or just any problem you may be facing in life. This can help you deal with the problem by helping you get your mind off of the situation just like with imagining yourself in a fantasy world. This is just another way to get your mind off of the bad situation in your life. Even though sometimes it can help to get your mind off of the task at hand sometimes it is better not to.

Another example of dealing with a problem in reality is trying to deal with the situation head on. This can help you deal with the situation because you are just getting it out of the way and not letting it dwell and get worse as time goes on. This is more important for situations that need to be resolved quickly. This can get the problem out of the way quicker and you can relax after the situation is dealt with or hang out with friends and family. This is a better way to deal with the situation if you need to the situation dealt with by a deadline for work or school. There are many more ways to deal with bad situations.

There are many ways to deal with bad situations at work, school or home but some are better used for different situations than others. Everyone has problem they have trouble dealing with and they just need to escape or they decide to face the problem head on and get it done and over with so the problem doesn’t get any worse than it started with.

January 16

Note to Alan Gratz, the author of Refugee

Image result for refugee by alan gratz

The book Refugee  by Alan Gratz is about three refugees, Josef, Mahmoud and Isabel, trying to find Asylum in the hard times of their home countries. Josef is trying to get to Cube from Germany, Mahmoud is trying to get to Germany from Seria, and Isabel is trying to get to Miami from Cuba. All of the characters are in different time zones Josef is in the year 1938, Isabel is in the year 1994, and Mahmoud is in the year 2015.

Dear Alan Gratz,

Josef goes through quite a journey in the chapters you have written. Even though the book is being read from a 3rd person point of view you do give us some of josefs thoughts throughout the book. I was wondering what the other characters in his chapters were thinking, like how kis mother felt and what she was thinking when she found out that her husband jumped overboard? Another question I had was what did Josef think about the concentration camp, was it the same way he imagined it from what his father had told him?

Isabel had many losses in her journey to Miami but I was wondering what her grandfather or Lito did when he got to Cuba. Did Castro change his mind and punish those who didn’t make it to America and got sent back to Cuba? Was he able to go back to where he was living before they left on the boat?

Mahmoud has many up and downs throughout his chapters. What were the other characters thinking throughout the chapter? I was wondering why his mother listened to him and gave Hana away?  What happened to his father and Waleed when they lost each other in the mediterranean sea? Do they ever end up finding Hana with Ruthie?


One of your readers, Mckayla




January 8

Starting with Hello

Sometimes you can make fried by just saying hello to someone. I have met one of my greatest friends by just saying the simple word of Hello and introducing myself.

On the fist day of the fifth grade my math teacher was explaining the expectations and rules of the class for the year, she started with always being kind to your classmates.  After saying this she had us introduce ourselves to someone around us in the classroom. At the table I was sitting at there was only me and one other girl. In all honesty we were both a little awkward and stayed on opposite sides of the table. The teacher noticed and had us move to sit next to each other, and say Hi and introduce ourselves. After we said Hi and introduces ourselves to each other we ended up getting along really well. We are still friend with each other to this day in the 8th grade.

Meeting this girl at random and becoming friends by just saying hello and introducing ourselves felt really great. Since I was very awkward and never started a conversation with anyone this helped me come out of my shell a little bit. Since she helped me become a little more confident I made a fre more really good friends that year. All because of just saying Hello.

December 11

Holiday season sale days

Grayscale Photo of People at Market

Do you ever wonder why there are big sale days during the holiday season? Every year during the holiday season there are big sales such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Thursday.

Black friday is one of the biggest known sale shopping days of the holiday season. 174 million U.S consumers shop on Black Friday every year. Black Friday originated in Philadelphia in the 1950″s to describe a big group of shoppers. When you go Black Friday shopping there are always a big horde of consumers there looking for good deals on the things they need for the upcoming holiday, Christmas, this is why Black friday was created, to describe all of the customers in the store on this day. Even though Black Friday is one of the biggest known holiday sales, there are many more during this season.

One of the other sale days is Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is held on the saturday after Thanksgiving during one of the biggest shopping periods of the year. Small Business Saturday was created to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for the community.

Another of the shopping days during the holiday season is Cyber Monday. The term Cyber Monday was coined by Ellen Davis and was used within the commerce community during the 2005 holiday season sale. Cyber Monday was created in 2005 to encourage people to shop online. There are many more popular sale days to choose from during the holiday season.

The holiday season has many sale days during this time such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Many people shop on these days to get gifts and decorations at a lower price for the upcoming holidays. Many people don’t just shop for the holiday season these sale days give them a chance to get things they wouldn’t normally buy because it is now at a smaller price.


December 4

Thanksgiving traditions

Green and Orange Squash

Many people celebrate Thanksgiving as a big part of the holiday season.Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday and everyone has their own traditions for this day.

On thanksgiving many people gather with their family and tell them they are thankful to have them.Some people  have bigger families and some have smaller ones but everyone has at least one relative they can be thankful for. I have a smaller family and I am glad to have all of them because you never know when you are going to lose them. Some people tell their family they are thankful for them over a meal.

Meals give families a chance to catch up and spend time together. Some people don’t have time to spend with their family over the year because they may be too busy or live too far away. I am glad to have this chance because a lot of my family lives far away or is working most of the time so this gives me a great chance to see them. Since thanksgiving is a time of thanks many people give thanks to not only their family but man other things as well.

Many people can keep in touch with their families year round so their family may already know they are thankful for them so they give thanks to other things like friends, pets, job, home and many other things. Since some people spend so much time with their family year round they don’t need to tell their family they are thankful for them and therefor give thanks to their surroundings. I give thanks to both my family and my surrounding because you never know if you could lose these things so why not be thankful for them while you have them. Everyone has different traditions for the holiday and do many different things on this day.

Thanksgiving is a time of thanks and family traditions this can be fulfilled in many different ways. Everyone gives thanks to different things like their job, friends,pets, and home.

November 8


Bird's Eye View of Woodpile

We use trees for many things in our everyday lives, we use things like paper, buildings, furniture, chewing gum, hair dye, car wax and many more. These things are used all the time and we don’t always realize how much of an effect this has on our environment.

Deforestation is taking away so many habitats from animals. 3.5 to 7 billion trees are cut down each year. Cutting down these trees also causes climate change.

Each year 18.7 million acres of trees are cut down, that’s the size of 27 soccer fields. Just think how many habitats are also being destroyed in this time. 137  species of animals are becoming extinct each day, 50,000 each ear, 10% of the worlds species will die out in the next 25 years. It is estimated that in 100 years or less there will be no rainforests left in the world this means we will loose 121 natural medicines from forests.

We always say how climate change is suck a serious thing and we need to find ways to fix it, by cutting down all these trees it’s actually helping the climate change. Trees absorb CO2 as they grow and if we keep cutting down trees the CO2 is not going to be absorbed as quickly and climate change will continue to worsen faster if we don’t at least decrease the amount of trees that are cut down each year. Trees are reservoirs of stored carbon and when these trees are cut down and die they are releasing all of the carbon into the air. Carbon sets the temperature and controls the amount of water vapor in the air and if too much carbon is released it will continue to change the temperature as more of it is released, along with there will be more water vapor in the air. Trees also absorb greenhouse gasses and fuel from the air. This is an example of why cutting down trees causes climate change because the greenhouse gasses trap warmth in the atmosphere which causes the temperature to rise.

How do you feel about deforestation, do you think the amount of trees that are cut down should be lessened, or maybe even stopped?

November 1

Red Ribbon week

Breast Cancer Awareness on Teal Wooden Surface

Many schools recognize Red Ribbon week to fray against drugs and addiction.In some schools activities may be held to help raise the awareness and to fight of any future drug problems that may occur  if people are not aware of the dangers.

Specifically my school holds activities to help fight off the drugs for everyday of the week the week starts off with wearing red and taking an anonymous survey to see how many students are affected by drugs and alcohol in their daily lives. Drugs and alcohol addiction is a very serious matter that needs to be brought to attention.

For the most part Red Ribbon week is a week of observation for drug and alcohol addictions. My school does a different activity every day of the week to help raise awareness and fight against these addictions. On the first day we wear red to represent the red ribbon for the week, on the second day we wear our favorite team jerseys, on the third day we wear crazy socks, on the fourth day we dress up like a friend, and on the fifth and final day we dress up for halloween to scare away the drugs since this usually falls around halloween. These all help to raise awareness against drugs and alcohol.

In fact at the beginning of the week we all as students take an anonymous survey to see how many student are affected by these things in their daily lives. On this survey there is  place to check what kinds of these things you around at home like illegal drugs and alcohol ,and and this can help to see how many students are being affected by drugs each year and if that number changes from year to year.

Here is more information about Red ribbon week.

October 23

Vision board

I have made a vision board as an 8th grade language art assignment it will show my long term and short term goals. I have many goals for my future some more important than others but all very important.

One of my goals is to read a bigger variety of books, this is one of my goals because I really only read one genre of book and I think it would be good to read more genres.The genre I mostly read is the mystery genre I think it would help me if I read more genres because I may be able to see different topics and lessons as I continue to read the different genres.

Two other of my goals are learning to draw better and learning to make roses from paper, i would like to learn these things because I like to draw but i am not the best at it even though i do it all the time and i they both involve crafting in a way and i like making crafts because it can take up some free time when our bored. I would like to learn to male roses out of paper because roses have a personal meaning to me and I am not good at keeping real plants alive so I would like to make fake roses so I can be able to have roses that I can keep without them withering up and having to throw them away.

I take photos and edit them all the time and it is my stress reliever and I would love to get better at it by learning how to get a better angle when i am taking the picture and learning better ways to edit the pictures. Along with learning how to take better pictures when i graduate from high school and start looking for colleges I would like to go to school to be a photographer because i feel like i can make a good living out of taking pictures and i feel that i would like this career path in the future.

An academic goal for me is getting better at writing essays and blog posts, because i have always struggles to find the right evidence from the reading selection and I feel that I could get better at finding the right evidence for the situation if I set my mind to it and really try my hardest to find the correct selection from the reading,

I would love to see  my niece more because her and my sister live an hour away and it is hard to see them often other than face time, pictures and videos my sister sends me every so often so I would love to try my hardest to see them in person more often. My niece is almost one year old and I have only seen her grow over technology and I would love to see her grow the rest of the way by seeing her in person and help her learn things and help her throughout her life in the future.

My last goal is to volunteer at the dog shelter next summer because I have always had a love for animals and I don’t know any other way I would want to spend my summer other than with dogs and my Moms friend works at the dog shelter and he always tells me that he loves working with the dogs there.

Those are my goals for the future what are yours?